Ormoc: A High-Class City in Leyte, Philippines

Ormoc City is not exactly a major tourist destination in the Philippines, but it is a growing agricultural and industrial center. The city is located on the western end of the province of Leyte in the Visayan Region of the Philippines. Ormoc is also known for its excellence with regard to its educational institutions. It is more of a cultural, commercial, and economic center of western Leyte.

A Brief History of Ormoc City

The territory we know today as Ormoc already had a small settlement even before Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines in 1521, particularly the province of Leyte. The early settlers were the people known as the Ogmok. Ogmok literally meant a lowland plain depression. Incidentally, this was also the name of the spring in heart of the area.

During the Spanish era, the fertile plains of Ormoc attracted migrants from neighboring islands. It is also evident that the early settlers already had trading relations with traders from Java, China, and Indonesia. The entire province came under a civil government when Americans drove out the Spanish in 1901. This form of civil government allowed the locals to govern their own affairs independently.

May 25, 1942 was the date of the Japanese occupation of the entire province of Leyte, including Ormoc. This occupation was short lived since it only lasted for three years. Ormoc finally attained the status of a city in 1947. Today, the city is moving forward as an economic hub in the region.

Ormoc City Weather

Ormoc is a coastal city situated on the western side of the island province of Leyte. The city experiences two seasons each year, like much of the Philippines. The rainy season usually starts in June lasting until February of the following year. The rest of the year, Ormoc City would usually get fewer rains and will be much warmer when the dry season enters in. The coolest temperature here is around 21.1 degrees Celsius while the warmest goes up around 34 degrees Celsius.

What to See in Ormoc City

Though the city is evidently not geared up as a major tourist destination in the country, there are a few interesting sights to see here. Those who love nature trails will enjoy have a swell time when they try the rainforest tour. The trail is a trek through a rainforest, lakes, and waterfalls. Lake Danao, in particular even has a floating restaurant and some boats for rent.

Those who are willing to face the challenge and bring out their swinging skills can have a whack at it at the Leyte Golf and Country Club. Visitors can stroll and have a picnic in the Centennial Park, which is also a popular rendezvous for the local folks. Other notable sights in Ormoc City include the Tongonan Hotsprings National Park and the Pineapple Plantation.

Hotels and Other Accommodations in Ormoc

You'll find accommodations and lodgings in Ormoc City of different grades. Since the city has a connecting port to Cebu, accommodations have been set up here for those who would want to make a stop over. Take note that if you choose a hotel or an inn located at or near the center of town where all the hustle and bustle is, you should expect to get some noise from the busy streets.

Zenaida's Chateau is a fine place to stay and isn't within the blasting range of the city's nightlife. The rooms are air-conditioned and you get cable in your room. Ormoc Villa Hotel is another nice place to check out. In spite of its proximity to the central area of the city, the place is able to manage a quiet and relaxing ambience. It is conveniently located near restaurants, malls, and other important destinations in the city.

Other lodging options in the city are Bantigue Beach Resort, Don Felipe Hotel, GV Pension Hauz, JB Pension Plaza, Pelacor Lodge, Pongos Hotel, Sabin Resort Hotel, Vegstar Lodge, Tourist Inn, Cristina Business Suite, and 3M Pension House. Rates here range from P600 to more than P3,000.

Ormoc City is a growing economic center in the province of Leyte. It also has a distinguished educational sector with good colleges and other educational institutions among its ranks. It may not exactly be a major tourist destination in the Philippines, it has several attractions that it boasts of.


Recognized by political authorities as a high class city in the Visayan region of the Philippines, specifically in the province of Leyte, Ormoc is the economic as well as the transportation center of the western part of Leyte. Based on the history of this city, its name came from a Visayan word that is used when referring to depressed plain or to others, lowland. Based on the results of the 2007 census done at the city, its estimated population is 177,524.

Next to Calbayog City in Samar, Ormoc is the biggest city in the eastern region of Visayas. Since the inauguration of the city on June 21st, 1947, the city is able to get the attention of many people in the different parts of the Philippines because of the fast economic expansion of Ormoc. Due to the popularity and economic improvements in Ormoc, business tycoons established business operations in the city.

One of the fast improving sectors of this city is the banking industry. Allied Bank, Bank of Commerce, Bank of the Philippine Islands, China Bank and Metrobank are the popular banks in Ormoc. Aside from the banking industry, there are cooperatives that ae created to help improve the lifestyle of people in the city like Macario Primary Cooperative, Metro Ormoc Community Cooperative and Leyte Fourth District Women’s Credit Cooperative. Meanwhile, there are also some business people who established resorts and hotels in the area since the tourism industry of Ormoc is also developing.

Don Felipe Hotel, Pelacor Lodge, Vegstar Lodge, Amber’s Inn, Pongos Hotel and 3M Pension House are the most visited hotels and lodges in the city. One the other hand, the attractive and high-class resort hotels in Ormoc are the following: Bantigue Beach Resort and Sabin Resort Hotel. There are also diners and restaurants in the city like Tempura Haus and IKEA Cakes and Snacks wherein travelers and tourists can enjoy, have fun and relax.

To further strengthen its workforce, the government of this city also prioritize the improvements in its education sector. Along with this plan is the establishment of prime universities in the city such as Western Leyte College and Syntacs College. In addition, the government constructed public schools that will help its residents improve their educational status like Ormoc City Central School.

Because of the improvements in the economic, tourism and educational sectors of this city, it is just safe to say that Ormoc is a fast-improving or developing city in the Philippines. With this knowledge, travelers and business people are encouraged to visit the city and look for the opportunities that it offers to them.



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