How to Get to Ormoc

There are various travel options when you're traveling to Ormoc City. Key locations to start from are Manila, Cebu, and Angeles City. Your first option, of course, would be to travel by air. You should be aware that flight schedules from Manila going to Ormoc City may at times be temporarily suspended. However, there are several airline companies that fly from the nation's capital to Ormoc so you have other travel options. A good idea would be to always check with several flight carriers just to make sure.

Some flight carriers, like Philippine Airlines and Air Philippines, have planes flying to Ormoc four times a week. The two airline companies mentioned fly to the city every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As stated earlier, though these fights are scheduled, they may change without prior notice. There has been a time when flights have been suspended for a few days to a week.

Direct flights from Manila to Ormoc will cost around P2,000 to P5,500. You may want to check to see if there are any promotional fares where you can even slash the ticket price down to a little above P1,000 for a direct flight. If you're looking an alternative travel option from Manila, then you might look into flying to Tacloban. Of course, this option should only be taken if there is no other option available. From Tacloban City you can take a two-hour drive to Cebu and from Cebu you can take a ferry to Ormoc City.

You also have the option to fly directly from Manila to Cebu, which is a flight that lasts for an hour and a half. Ticket prices for this travel option will range from P1,400 to P3,000. Make sure you book in advance and check different airline companies for better deals since Cebu is a major destination in the country.

Those traveling from Angeles City to Ormoc City have the option to drive to Manila and choose any travel option from Manila to Ormoc mentioned earlier. However, there are direct flights scheduled from Angeles City to Cebu, which would save you from the trip to Manila. The flight from Clark Airport in Angeles will take a little more than two hours flying to Cebu and would cost you around P2,500 for a single passenger. You then take whatever travel option you fancy from Cebu to Ormoc.

A little note you should take into consideration is that there are two travel options once you land on Cebu City. To get to Ormoc, you either take what is called a fastcraft, a fast traveling boat, which only takes two hours to get to your destination. Regular ferries from Cebu to Ormoc take around five to six hours. In case you're interested, the fastcrafts can be found on pier four in Cebu City.

Those who fancy a 24-hour road trip can drive to Ormoc and pass through several provinces and natural attractions. You'll definitely love scenery, especially Mayon Volcano, since you will surely be driving through the Bicol Region and ferry your car over different islands. However, if you don't like to drive you can take a Philtranco Bus or any bus from the Ultrabus company and sit back and let them do the driving. These buses will take the same route you would have driven and would also go over the Philippine's nautical highway.

Those who would opt to travel by sea would choose between several shipping lines to get to Ormoc City. The usual route would be from Manila through Masbate in the Bicol Region. You may check out Sulpicio Lines since they have ships leaving every Wednesday evening that would usually arrive on Friday at noon. They also have ships leaving every Friday and arriving at Ormoc on Sunday. Another option is to go for a SuperFerry heading for Cebu and then you can take a fastcraft from Cebu to Ormoc.

When you're in Ormoc, you'll find the common modes of transportation you'll usually find in the rest of the country, which includes tricycles and jeepneys. These are the transportation options if you are headed for Ormoc City. You should choose the one that suits you depending on how much time you have and the cost and convenience of travel.



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