Beaches in Ormoc

Ormoc Beaches in the Philippines boasts of some of the pristine shorelines in the country lined up with several tourist beach resorts. Though not having as many beaches as other coastlines in the country have, what few Ormoc has are precious sea gems that tourists ought not to miss.

Ormoc is a coastal province of north western Leyte and its unspoiled beaches are supplied with sea breeze and waves by the Camotes Sea which in turn derives its abundance from the Bohol Sea. The gentle waves of Ormoc beaches are partly due to the natural barriers provided by Pilar, Tudela, and San Francisco Islands and partly by the Ormoc Bay. In addition, in a macro sense, Ormoc is protected by the Island provinces of Bohol and Cebu. Hence, in general, Ormoc beaches are ideal shore spots for bathers of all ages and preferences, and also excellent for beach fun activities.

How clean are Ormoc beaches? Being a progressive province and yearly winning prestigious awards on cleanliness and environment care, Ormoc is sure to be a good steward of its beaches. Ormoc beaches are paradisiacal in nature and quite appealing even for choosy beach seekers, here and abroad. For instance, just take a look at Sabin Beach Resort.

Sabin Beach Resort

Many folks consider Sabin as the most popular beach spot and resort in Ormoc. One glance of it and people get a vivid picture of a perfect tropical getaway paradise difficult to ignore. The temptation to rush in and book a room for several days stay is hard to fight. The same with several Ormoc beach resorts lined up along the Sabin beach area, where the shoreline offers a vantage point to view the beautiful sunsets of Ormoc and the calm waters of the Camotes Sea that gently touch the Ormoc Bay.

By the way, aside from the Ormoc beaches, some resorts at the bay also boast of marvelous swimming pools to cater to both sea and pool lovers, like the one offered by Sabin Beach Resort. Both pool and beach are within easy reach and overlooking each other. And both offer perfect opportunities for a refreshing dip and dive.

Beaches Along Coastal Towns

Ormoc coastal towns found along the Ormoc Bay harbor fascinating beaches that afford superb bathing spots and amazing panoramic views of the sea and the mountain ranges behind the Ormoc plains. Check out the towns of Puertobello, San Antonio, Albuera, and Merida. Or try going to the island of Pilar nearby and enjoy more of Ormoc beaches. Or go as far as the coastal towns of Caridad, Isabel, or Palompon for charming Ormoc beaches with more challenging sea waves and wind.

The beaches at Ormoc Bay have been playing important roles in the international scene since the Japanese occupational army landed on the shores of Leyte in World War II. Since then, Ormoc beaches have been slowly making progress in exposure to the world. Ormoc beaches are not as popular as other beaches in the Philippines, definitely not of the caliber of the beaches in Boracay, Davao, Cebu, and the Ilocandia as far as fame is concerned. But headway is starting to make Ormoc beaches presence felt in Philippine tourism.



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